Galantis – Gold Dust (Original Mix)

Yet another amazing track by Swedish duo Galantis!

If uplifting is what are you looking for, then Galantis’s latest original mix will definitely float your boat! This highly melodic “Gold Dust” has something that makes it highly addictive and it’s the perfect tune for an amazing start of the weekend!

 The stunning original mix of Christian Karlsson (Bloodshy), and Linus Eklow (Style of Eye) is headed for a Monday, February 23rd Big Beat Records release.


Without any irrelevant details, here’s the stunning original mix of Galantis. Have a listen & Enjoy!

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GALANTIS is about challenging, not followingKarlsson

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IKON – Bon Voyage feat. Asa & SKYLR

Chicago Producer Ikon releases his new single “Bon Voyage” featuring Chitown trio ASA (Spazz, Reelo, TurnipGawd) and Windy City vocalist, Skylr. Though we’ve  just been exposed to IKON’s work, we are really excited to share this with you, because selfishness IS NOT living in us.

Even if this is something a little bit different that you may expect from the artist, and you might think it’s not his cup of tea, this track is surprisingly good!  “Bon Voyage” has a really great balance of EDM and hip-hop elements which are blending perfectly together. Also… There is something so satisfying about this song …

If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to listen above and follow IKON on SoundCloud  Facebook  Twitter 

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The GOOD List Interview: Her Habits

HerHabits by David Gillespie 6 high res (2)

Canadian singer Joaine Wolkoff joined us for a TGL Q&A session:

The GOOD List: Who is Her Habits?

Her Habits: My habits can traced back to Scandinavian and Slavic origins, which would explain the dissonance of looting and fretting within me. Like, I’ll pillage my closet for a party dress and then set fire to it while I bang on war drums, but I’m really worried about catching a cold the whole time.

Habits aren’t just hereditary, though. They can be contagious. It’s probable that even if you are a ‘he’ or ‘him’ you’re still carrying her habits within you- your grade school teacher Mrs._________’s, or a college sweetheart’s. Possibly the strangely attractive woman passing on the neighboring escalator has transmitted her habits to you imperceptibly.

TGL: What inspires you to do what you do?

HH: Barney Miller inspires me. He always found a way to put things right.

TGL: When did you start singing?

HH: When I was just a whipper snapper I’d learn one line of a song and quietly chant it for hours on end. Exhibit A: The Police’s ‘message in a bot-tle.’ Little has changed.

TGL: Talk about your songs. Who writes them, what are they about and what’s your creative process behind the music-making?

HH: I typically write my own lyrics and vocal melodies, but the songs on this EP are a joint effort between producer Sanford Livingston and myself. The only song on there that I wrote from scratch and saw stay more or less in it’s original form after the incubation stage was Dolla Sign. For those of you wondering about Sanford, he loves nature. You can tell when you look at his computer desktop or screensaver. Forests. Swamps.

TGL: What songs are you most proud of and why?

HH: I’m proud of ‘Dolla Sign’ because it felt great to propose a track and see it wind up scarcely altered. But in terms of process, problem solving and surprise endings, ‘Faster Than Sound’ stands out to me because I’d initially written those vocals as a topline to a completely different song that we had pitched to a noted producer who declined our offerings. So Sanford scooped out the first instrumental and built a completely new one from scratch, to scaffold the pre-existing vocals.

TGL: What has been your biggest challenge as an artist? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

HH: Most of us know what it’s like to slog away at something deeply important with no guarantee of the end result. Hope against hope, you just have to keep on chiselling out your path. My biggest challenge as an artist is- and will always be- striking that balance between realism and optimism.

TGL: Do you think your music evolved since you first began playing music?

HH: There are tons of things that I do repeatedly without progress, like bugging out over zits or money when I know perfectly well what to expect month to month. I’m far from refining my effort/turnaround ratio in life at large, but for some reason, with music, once I learn something new and turn that corner, there’s no going back.

TGL: How can people gain access to your music?

HH: Drop me a line.

TGL: What can we expect from you to see in the near future?

HH: Much more music and a hilarious, disgusting horror/comedy novel.

TGL: What’s your ultimate direction? Tell us about your next shows and why people should be there.

HH: Forward is the direction. I usually get there via diagonal lines. I’m probably not going to be able to do a live performance for Her Habits because creative content is being withheld from me, but there new music is brewing.

TGL: Has all this music experience changed you in some way you didn’t want to? How and why?

HH: This experience has made me more resilient. Even disappointment is part learning to see the big picture. In any industry, no matter how modest your relevance, you are bound to come up against some obstacles. Sure, there are a few gatekeepers, naysayers and saboteurs mixed in with all the good folks. So what? It’s the same for marine biologists, programmers, plumbers and acrobats. At worst, the music industry is like psychological boot camp. People talk about it like it’s a cesspool of ethical cripples and Machiavellian villains, but for the most part it’s made up of stand-up people.

TGL: People think that it’s a non-stop partying out there. Is it true?

HH: I wish.

TGL: How does a day in your life look like?

HH: Monday through Friday: wake up, ritualistically apply face paint, sat some pineapple chunks, remember to put on pants, set out for a 45 minute NYC subway commute, get extra jazzed if I can score a seat. Then I teach non-native English speakers our confounding language until mid afternoon. I bring my students funny newspaper articles or teach them slow, clear lyrics from Johnny Cash songs. At some point I have lunch with my colleagues. We talk about totally inappropriate things and share food and encourage each other, because each of us has DREAMS. After work I go to music production class and try to understand sound design better. Then at 6PM I either go tutor French or serve food at a corporate event or head home and write a song or go running and finally pass out in front of a documentary with rice pudding and Welch’s grape juice spritzer all over my spent body.

Weekends: anything goes.

TGL: What are you listening to lately?

HH: Krystal Klear, The Hood Internet, Emerson Lake and Palmer’s ‘Love Beach,’ these weirdos called GEMOLOGY.

TGL: What’s your favourite album by another artist?

HH: Probably Paul Simon’s Graceland.

TGL: Any last words?

HH: The treasure is buried under the…. Uurrgghhhhh

Her debut EP entitled Northerner released on January 27, with a number of 6 great tracks, you won’t know which one to pick as a favorite. But you still have time to listen all of the above. You wouldn’t want the others tracks to feel neglected. So let’s get started: hit the play button and see which one you like more.

Her Habits on The G.O.O.D. List:

Her Habits – Slip Away    –    Her Habits – “Truth”

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Jonah – All We Are (FlicFlac Remix)

Busy advancing their career, FlicFlac returns with another awesome remix that sure please fans of the deep house: “All We Are” by Jonah. They are exploring a moodier and mellower image of the genre but this one might float your boat a little more than the others. 

In case you missed it, here is the first FlicFlac’s remix feature here on The G.O.O.D. List : Robin Schulz – Sun Goes Down (FlicFlac Remix)

 On that note, tap the play button above and have a listen! Enjoy!

Jonah – All We Are (FlicFlac Remix) is now out on iTunes

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Kap Slap ft. Angelika Vee – Let It All Out (Radio Edit)

It’s going to be a busy month for Kap Slap, not only he released his first original mix a couple of days ago, but it’s also so melodic, and very, very enjoyable and we bet we could be hearing more from him in the near future.

There’s no way around the fact that Angelika Vee does have a great voice, which complements the arrangement in a nice way, arrangement which goes the progressive route.

Yes, it is different than making mash-ups tunes, but it has the same high production standards we’ve been used to when it comes to Kap Slap releases. Fantastic work!

Oh, and with only $1 you can have it on your own *insert here device of your preference* AND show your support to the artist. You can buy it from iTunes right HERE.

Have a Listen & Enjoy!

Kap Slap on Facebook | SoundCloud |Twitter| YouTube Website

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Marina And The Diamonds – “I’m a Ruin” (Music Video)

Marina And The Diamonds brings us probably the most beautiful and the most expressive video of her career, embracing the visual side of music: “I’m a Ruin”.

With no promo at all, this song managed to reach No. 2 on the US iTunes in only one day. What a big success, keeping in mind that she wrote every word of every song of her third album “Froot”.  As she promised, she’s creating and releasing six videos for six different songs every month before her album goes on sale. A true musical savior!

“Froot” album will be officially launched on April 3 and you can already pre-order it from iTunes HERE.

Have a listen and enjoy!

Marina and the Diamonds, really just Marina Diamandis, was born in Wales to Welsh and Greek parents in 1986, although she has often claimed to be from Ancient Greece. After dropping out of four different music courses at four different universities, Marina decided to make her own way in music, and began writing her own unique brand of left-field pop songs under her new stage name. Early on, she claimed that her inspirations were Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani — who she often covered at live gigs — but her songs have a soulful edge pointing to a deeper source of influence.
Her piano/keyboard-driven songs vary from melancholic ballads to out-and-out glam-pop, but her unique voice and melodic style are omnipresent in her music. Essentially a solo artist, Marina wrote the bulk of her early material alone, arranging it for a band to ensure her live shows carried the full energy of her studio recordings. Quick to distance herself from comparisons to the rest of the female solo artists who broke through in 2009, Marina was also open about voicing her opinions on more established musical peers including Lily Allen and Kate Nash. In interviews she often showed a dislike of being grouped together with other emerging artists, especially when she had nothing in common with them except gender. The variety in her music made it hard to classify or pigeonhole, and comparisons were made with artists as diverse as Regina Spektor and Elvis Costello. The startling “cuckoo!” refrain of “Mowgli’s Road” and the introspective balladry of “Obsessions” could not be more different, but it was the ever-present charm in Marina’s music that brought her cult success in the early part of her career.
Her first single, “Obsessions/Mowgli’s Road” was issued by indie label Neon Gold in the U.S., also home to electro-indie Americans Passion Pit, and was followed later in 2009 by The Crown Jewels EP, which contained three new songs, including an electronic remix of fan favorite “I Am Not a Robot.” After playing the exhausting British festival circuit in the summer of 2009, Marina briefly retired to the studio to polish off her debut album, 2010′s The Family Jewels, before quickly hitting the road again. The group’s second, full-length studio outing, Electra Heart, was preceded by the singles ” Primadonna” and “Radioactive”, the latter of which appeared only on the deluxe version of the album.


Influencers: PJ Harvey - Kate Bush - No Doubt - Patti Smith - Britney Spears - The Distillers - Daniel Johnston - Annie

Contemporaries - Lana Del Rey - Florence + The Machine - Little Boots - Ellie Goulding - Bat for Lashes - Kate Nash - Clare Maguire - Emil & Friends - La Roux - Kimbra

Marina And The Diamonds:…

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